Businesses create blogs primarily to expand their online presence, connect with potential customers, promote their brand in a positive conversation, and even generate revenue online.

Why do people write blogs?

Why do people write blogs?
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What is a good blog ?. In the general scheme of things, a good blog is one that provides its users with great content, on a regular basis. Content that enriches the lives of those readers, and gives them something to look forward to next time. See the article : News blog. A good blog is one that forces the reader to tell all their friends what they are reading.

The purpose of a blog is to provide content on your website that answers your potential customers’ questions and helps them learn about your product or service. It expands your brand’s visibility by providing content for Google and other search engines to index and serve in search results.

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What is the difference between a blog and a standard website?

Here are the best free blogging sites you can use to start your own blog today: This may interest you : How to hangouts video call.

  • Wix ( Best for… …
  • WordPress ( Best for… …
  • LinkedIn ( …
  • Weebly ( …
  • Medium ( …
  • Ghost ( …
  • Blogger ( …
  • Tumblr (

A blog (piece of “weblog”) is a discussion or information website published on the World Wide Web containing separate text entries, often informally in the form of a diary (postings). Posts are usually displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

It is regularly updated by an author, usually on a specific topic. It’s more like a journal really. From Wikipedia: A blog is a personal journal published on the World Wide Web that contains discrete entries (“posts”) that are typically displayed chronologically in reverse so the latest post appears first.

Blogs are a type of website. The only difference is that blogs have updated content frequently and websites tend to be much more static and organized into pages. A blog can be a stand-alone website or part of a larger website. An early iteration of blogs was used mainly for online personal journals.

What is a blog example ?. A blog (a shortened version of “weblog”) is an online journal or information website that displays information in reverse chronological order, with the most recent posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where an author or group of authors share their views on an individual topic.

Where can I read blogs for free?

What replaces RSS feeds ?. That said, RSS feeds have largely been replaced by joining the email list of bloggers, brands or publications you want to hear from. On the same subject : How to do hacks in among us.

The best free feed RSS reader Feedly is the industry standard for web RSS readers, and has been for some time. … Also, Feedly offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, so you can easily access subscriptions at home and on the go.

How do I follow someone’s blog?

How do you access blogs?

Is there an app for blogs? Blogger’s mobile app allows you to post, edit, save and view your blog posts. Anyone with Android 5. On the same subject : What video on youtube is the most viewed.0 and up can download the app. Important: To post with the Blogger mobile app, you will already need to have a Google Account and a blog created from a computer.

Type in the person’s name and “blog” in Google’s search engine. Click “Search.” If the person is using Blogger, then their blog address will appear in search results as Google owns the site.

Are there any dangers to blogging ?. As a blogger, your own personal safety is at risk. … Cyberbullying isn’t just for kids – adult bloggers are at risk too. Harassment, even if contained on the Internet and not “real life,” is not a joke and can have serious emotional and psychological effects on the victim.

Accessing a Google blog search required the user to be on the Google search page, then click on “News” and then click on the “Tools” button. Then a new menu bar appeared under the “Tools” button, and to the left. Clicking on the “All news” option made a drop down menu appear, with the “All news” and “Blogs” options.